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The Key To Sleep Training Success - Consistency

The worst thing a parent wants to hear when they're deathly sleep deprived, especially when they  have been putting every last bit of energy into teaching their child to sleep, is that they are making things worse, not better.

But it happens. And it happens surprisingly often.

You don't want to be this person, and I don't want you to be this person. So let's talk about one of the main ways to avoid


The Disappearing Chair - Sleep Training Method

No, this post isn't about magic, although you may consider it magic if your child sleeps for more than 1-2 hours straight at night! If that's the case, then I suppose this post IS about magic.

I'm going to get more into various sleep training methods so that those of you pulling your hair out wondering how to get your little one to sleep will have more methods to choose from--and more methods to make you feel indecisive. I will try to


Steps To Take Before You Start Sleep Training

So you just came back from the grocery store---with your shirt on inside out, 3 day old mascara smeared across your face and bags under your eyes so big that it looks like you just had some sort of experimental injections--and you decided that maybe it's time to start some sleep training. You can only run on 4 hours of broken up nightly sleep for so long. Not to mention your arm is about to fall off from all that daily holding (although, on the plus side, your arms do look almost as buff as Jillian Michaels').

Before you get started, it's a good idea to make sure your child's is set up for the best sleep possible. There's a whole post on this that includes things such as


Newborn Survival Guide 0-3 months

Joshua, 4 days old
A little overwhelmed by the list of newborn sleep posts? I don't blame you. It can be a bit daunting, particularly if you have no idea where to begin.

That's where this post and the 0-3 Month Newborn Sleep Guide come in.

Here you'll find a summary of the most asked about topics from baby's screaming introduction to this new world to around


The Baby Sleep Solution Guide

I know some of you have been wondering how exactly do you get a baby to sleep 12 hours by 12 weeks of age? I know I was curious when I heard about The Baby Sleep Solution (then called 12 hours by 12 weeks) several years ago. And being the kind of person I am, I was also curious if I'd like the method behind the sleep madness.


Sleep Books by Sleep Training Method

So you're dirt tired, you can hardly see straight and you haven't had time to brush your teeth for...who knows how long. You're afraid if the neighbor sees you she's going to think zombies have invaded your house, BUT you decide to go ahead and read that huge sleep book sitting on your shelf because you CANNOT go on living like this. But guess what. That book you just spent every last free second reading turns out to be exactly what you


Sleep Training - A Baby's Point of View

I've tried to find the original source of this but to no avail.  If anyone knows who wrote this please let me know. I turned it into an image in case you fancy a pin (and future laughs!)


How to Set the Stage for Good Sleep {tear free!}

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could get your baby sleeping well without any drama, tears or methods that run you even more ragged than you already are? And this is for real, not just from one of your dreams you snuck in between those hourly, all night long wakings.

Um. Sign me up!

So how do you get to this this dreamy, near-imaginary state? You set the stage for


Sleep Training Index

Make sure to look over the Book Reviews. They give you an idea of the methods the author prefers and contain a list of links to posts about


The Limited Crying Solution (The Baby Sleep Solution)

I'm really excited to talk about this method. I really like it as far as Cry It Out (CIO) methods go, especially for young babies. Well, The Baby Sleep Solution doesn't really call it a CIO method but


It's time to take the guilt out of sleep training

Sleep training gets a bad rap. You don't have to talk to too many moms or look on the internet for too long to get this message. If you want your child to sleep well (especially for reasons that don't purely involve your child's welfare), people start to point fingers and


Sleep Training Defined (by Me!)

When a lot of people hear the word sleep training they think crying. And if they aren't fond of ever leaving your child to cry they may think of a child lying there by themselves for hours, days on end, crying. And to add to it, they might even visualize the child in


Should I sleep train for NAPS or at NIGHT first?

Joshua, a few weeks old
The all too familiar question. Maybe you have been wondering this exact thing. It's about time I addressed it in a post instead of in multiple comments where you have to wait days to find out my answer. Not very fun when you are trying t


Is Cry It Out (CIO) Harmful?

I'll get more into talking about CIO and my thoughts on it later, but until then, here's a great article by the author of the book Bedtiming on CIO (more articles listed at the end of the post). I suggest you read it if you are thinking about trying CIO or have already tried it. I also suggest this article to those of you who have very negative feelings toward


Wake to Sleep

What is 'Wake to Sleep'?

Wake to sleep is a strategy used by The Baby Whisperer (and others, but she was the first I learned this from so she gets to be mentioned here) to help reset a child's pattern of habitual sleep awakenings. Just like any other sleeping method, it requires


Sleep Training - Choosing An Approach

There are so many sleep training methods out there and plenty of strong opinions regarding them. I remember reading a few different books when my oldest son was a newborn and feeling soooo overhwelmed after I was done. It seemed like everything I read was


When to sleep train and when not to - Best developmental periods for sleep training (Bedtiming)

Check out the best times to sleep train below.

Wondering where these good and bad periods to sleep train come from? Look at my Bedtiming Book Review. I'm not going to go into any more detail than that. If you are interested, I suggest you get the book Bedtiming. It has great in depth information about each developmental stage your child will go through up until age 4 and why each of these stages is a good or bad time to sleep train. Enjoy my professional writing skills below...


Settling Babies Under 6 Weeks Old to Sleep at Bedtime - Gina Ford

If baby isn't settling to sleep after 5-10 minutes in the evening Gina Ford suggests offering another feed since this is a common reason babies don't settle well in the evening. Once you are done feeding baby, lay her back down in her bed to sleep. If she isn't settled again in 5-10 minutes,


HELP BABY TO FALL BACK TO SLEEP IN HER CRIB - for crib sleepers (No-Cry Sleep Solution)

When baby wakes at night, do what you normally do to help her fall asleep, but slowly decrease the length of time you spend with this "back to sleep" routine. Try to put baby down drowsy but not completely asleep. If baby gets upset when you do this, start your

HELP YOUR BABY FALL BACK TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER PERSON'S ASSISTANCE - especially useful for co-sleeping & breastfeeding babies (No-Cry Sleep Solution)

Many babies get used to one method of falling asleep (which often includes mom breastfeeding and/or co-sleeping) and are unable to fall asleep any other way or with any other person. To help your child fall asleep with another person, pantley suggests you have