A baby swing can be a very magical thing. If you've ever had a fussy baby or a 'I like to wake up every 20 minutes all nap/night long' baby that drops to sleep for HOURS once placed in a swing, you know what I mean.

Wait. What? This hasn't ever happened to you? You thought swings were just suppose to be a baby decoration in the corner of your room? Well, you're not alone. Some babies are

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit

I really don't like to hear my kids cry. And when they are sleeping (or suppose to be sleeping!) I really don't like to hear them cry. I'm a bit of a softy, and I also get really anxious when I hear their tears from afar, especially when they are babies. So while this doesn't mean I don't have any crying at all from my babies, I certainly try to reduce it as much as I can.

When it's time for my kids to make some sort of sleep transition, like out of the swaddle or out of the rock 'n play, I get a little nervous. They've all done


The Key To Sleep Training Success - Consistency

The worst thing a parent wants to hear when they're deathly sleep deprived, especially when they  have been putting every last bit of energy into teaching their child to sleep, is that they are making things worse, not better.

But it happens. And it happens surprisingly often.

You don't want to be this person, and I don't want you to be this person. So let's talk about one of the main ways to avoid


Stella recently reached the 3/4 month mark which made me contemplate how long we were going to continue the swaddle. For some reason, when it comes to dropping the swaddle,

Snuza Hero GIVEAWAY!

With my first two children I considered getting some sort of movement monitor to give me peace of mind but never ended up doing it. I don't know why I didn't buy one, maybe I was trying to not be too paranoid? Not using something didn't help me at all--I still felt plenty paranoid about them!

With baby number three, I decided I'd go ahead and

The Disappearing Chair - Sleep Training Method

No, this post isn't about magic, although you may consider it magic if your child sleeps for more than 1-2 hours straight at night! If that's the case, then I suppose this post IS about magic.

I'm going to get more into various sleep training methods so that those of you pulling your hair out wondering how to get your little one to sleep will have more methods to choose from--and more methods to make you feel indecisive. I will try to