Baby Nora is Here!

She's cute. I'm tired. Boys are carrying on like nothing much happened. Two year old Stella is carrying on like her world is over most of the time (and blowing kisses to the baby the rest of the time). Life is crazy but awesome at the same time!

Newborn Sample Schedules

Baby sleep and eat schedule

**see example schedules below

Newborns can be very sleepy eaters, so it can often be hard to get a full feed in the first few weeks before baby falls into a coma like sleep (tips on keeping sleepy newborns awake here).  If baby isn't able to get a full feed, then she'll likely feel hungry much sooner than if she had a full feed. Just do your best and feed baby when she is hungry. She will get less sleepy soon and full feeds will be easier to get. Read more about full feeds on this post.

A well rested baby will eat much better than a tired one. You'll struggle to get full feeds when baby is overtired because she'll be too sleepy or fussy. This means that while you may be trying to work on having baby learn to fall asleep on her own, you will also want to make sure this doesn't results in her being too overtired. This is a tricky balancing act, I know!

Daylight Savings - Time to Jump Ahead!

I really, really don't like daylight savings. I think it is silly that we still have it, and I've seriously considered moving someone else, like Arizona, where they don't have this darn skipping back and forth each year. It was a little annoying when I was younger, but now that I've got kids, it's SUPER pesky!

Anyway, I haven't picked up and moved to Arizona yet, so I've got to deal with the "spring forward" (and, gulp, the "fall back" in 8ish months!) and most likely, you have to deal with it too so let's go ahead and have a chat about it. Maybe we'll both dislike it less afterwards :)

3-6 Month Sleep Guide

3-6 month baby sleep guide

By this time, you are probably starting to get pretty worn out if your baby is sleeping crummy. Holding you baby for naps all day, going through a 1 hour ritual just to get your baby to sleep for 15 minutes and waking up 10 million times at night to your baby's calls can get old, really old. 

It's not that you don't love your baby as much as ever, you simply want, no, need some sleep! Wanting your baby to sleep better so you can get a break and sleep yourself isn't a bad thing.  Sleep is a biological need for you and your baby, and getting a little break here and there is good for everyone

If you're baby isn't sleeping totally awesome at this point, you are not alone! Many babies are still trying to figure this sleep thing out. And as you probably noticed, good sleep often isn't as easy as it sounds! "Put your baby to sleep drowsy but still awake" HA!! There are also quite a few babies at this stage who were sleeping really well but have recently started having a hard time going to sleep or staying asleep. And you thought you had this sleep thing down!

Is Cry It Out Cruel?

Is CIO cruel?

The other day I had a mom ask me, after attempting Cry it out (CIO) herself, if I thought CIO was cruel. If you've ever attempted CIO (or read about it or heard other mom's talk about it), you're likely to have this same question at one point or another.

No one likes to hear their child cry (unless maybe said child just randomly whacked their brother and got a return whack back) and no one enjoys ignoring their child while they are screaming. There's something about a baby's cry when they are out of your presence--the impact is ten fold. Even when my husband has the baby in the other room and she starts crying I immediately think--what have you done to her, you fool! Stop her suffering!! My emotions can get a little out of hand when crying and a child are involved, especially if I can't see the child.

Is there such thing as a magic sleep fix?

Magic baby sleep fix

A lot of the time when people ask me for sleep help, they are hoping for some sort of magical sleep fix.

What do I mean by magic? You know, something that doesn't require much time, effort, consistency or tears. Sounds dreamy, right?  Especially if you haven't slept long enough in the last few months to even get to the dream state.

It's that time of year again...Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings is almost upon us. Bah humbug!  Find out some tips to handle Daylight Savings here. Good luck!