1. Hi! My daughter just turned 12 months. She was a great sleeper for the first 6 months. We have her on a set schedule (6:15am-7:15pm) with 2 naps during the day. She used to respond to the CIO method when she would wake at night. However, for the last few months, her sleep at night has been extremely inconsistent and nothing seems to work. She always goes down without a problem and puts herself to sleep within 10 minutes. Some nights she will sleep 11 hours straight. Sometimes she will wake at the exact time each night for a few nights. And then some nights she will wake up 3-5 times randomly throughout the night and either cry or play in her crib. Nothing has changed. Her bedtime routine is the same. We want to let her CIO, but it doesn't seem to work! Any advice? We can't get her to bed any earlier as we get home from work and eat dinner too late... Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!! -Maggie

  2. Child Sleep Training Tip #1 - MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!
    The best child guidance I can offer is to do anything - and I mean ANYTHING - you can to keep your infant from getting to be noticeably finished tired. mumblog