Did you know... Early to Bed and Early to Rise

You may already know that teenagers that don't sleep enough are more prone to obesity and some healthy problems. This is relatively old news. But a new study has shown that it isn't just quantity of sleep that matters but the timing. In this study with older children and teenagers, those that went to bed late and woke up late were more likely to
watch more tv (usually in the evening), eat worse, gain more weight and exercise less. It is hard to say what causes what, but either way, an earlier bedtime is the way to go.

Benjamin Franklin has many great quotes. One of them is the famous....Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. He was one smart cookie!


  1. Hi there -- I came across your blog via Valerie's and really like it. Thanks!

    Could you please specify what is considered "late" to go to bed?

  2. Amy,
    Appropriate bedtimes for young children are generally considered between 7-8. As they get older, usually before 9 is considered ok. This varies, of course, but it is starting to sound like it might be good to force this a bit even if your child is happy to wake up late and go to bed a bit later. That would be hard to do if my child slept in. I am not a morning person!

    Glad you are enjoying the blog!