Settling Babies Under 6 Weeks Old to Sleep at Bedtime - Gina Ford

If baby isn't settling to sleep after 5-10 minutes in the evening Gina Ford suggests offering another feed since this is a common reason babies don't settle well in the evening. Once you are done feeding baby, lay her back down in her bed to sleep. If she isn't settled again in 5-10 minutes,
repeat the process. Repeat as needed.

Before doing this, make sure to implement a good pre-bedtime routine, consider swaddling, burp well, consider cycling babies legs to get gas out, have baby practice falling asleep in her bed throughout the day/night, and keep things calm and dark to help baby know it is time to sleep.

If baby isn't settling relatively easy after several nights of doing the above method you might want to consider sitting by him/holding him at bedtime. If he goes to sleep easily then your problem is probably a sleep association issue. You can either use the crying down method she suggests, or continue to help baby fall asleep until you feel ready to try something else.


  1. Nicole commented on Settling Babies Under 6 Weeks Old to Sleep at Bedtime - Gina Ford - My Baby Sleep Guide:


    I LOVE your blog! I'm obsessed! But also need help! Our daughter is 7 weeks old today. She is currently on a 3 hour schedule, with cluster feeding every 2.5 hours in the evening from about 5 until we put her down for bedtime at 9. This is her latest meal as we dont dream feed. She sleeps from 9pm to 5am with no waking. I nurse her at 5, and she's usually back to sleep for another 3 hours or more. ive found if i put her down at 6:30-7:00. She wakes about 6 hours later and then every 3 after that. i know we should be putting her to sleep earlier, but I'm also really loving that long stretch of sleep. How do we start working towards an earlier bed time and an even longer stretch of sleep (12-13 hours?)

    1. Nicole,
      Don't stress too much about the later bedtime right now. By a few months of age, I'd definitely try to have her bedtime earlier. If you weigh things out, I think it is probably better for you to be getting some extra sleep and be able to function better as a mommy than for her going to bed a little bit earlier right now :) At least that would be the case with me.

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