Product Reviews

I am going to start doing product reviews. Many of them will be for sleep items, but since I am totally obsessed with any items related to children, I will also do reviews for things not related to sleep. I will review items that people/companies send me as well as items that I have already bought and used. I decided this was a perfect time to start doing reviews since I am going to be having a new baby any day that I will be able to try out new products with.

You can see a list of reviewed products by looking under product reviews in the index or by clicking on the product reviews label.

If you have something you would like me to review, you can contact me at


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  2. Hey Rachel,
    Have you posted anything about car seats? I know this is the sleep guide blog but I'm really in need of your research. I need to buy a carseat for Emma and hopefully I will buy the correct one this time. Emma will be 1 next month, how crazy is that! If you have this info somewhere let me know.

  3. I havne't done a post about car seats here, but I did mention the car seat I bought on my family blog in this post:

    It is a really good one for extended rear facing. I sent joe some links a while back that had info on good car seats. If you go to and look at the community there is a car seat group that has information on the best car seats too in the top post.

  4. Thanks Rachel!!! You are the best!
    Jacob is so cute, congratulations again!