Undercover Mama

Shortly after Stella was born Undercover Mama asked me if I wanted to review one of their nursing tanks. Stella was my third child and I kind of had this nursing thing down but I figured, why not give it a try?

Up until this point I had usually worn a camisole under my shirts to keep myself covered while nursing. I would pull it down with my bra to nurse. Now does that sound kind of uncomfortable and awkward? Because it
was. Sure, over time my shirts and shirt straps got really stretched out from doing this, but it still wasn't ideal. It was much cheaper than buying a new wardrobe for breastfeeding though.

The undercover mama nursing shirt is strapless and attaches to your bra. When you pull your bra down to nurse, the shirt comes down too while staying in place around you midsection to keep you covered. Brilliant!

This shirt let me do what I had always done for nursing, without the straps and awkwardness. And it's also really high quality and kind of slimming around belly. Who doesn't want a slimmer belly--especially after just having had a baby.

There are lots of different colors to choose from that let you turn any of your shirts into a nursing shirt.  You can buy the undercover mama at various mom and baby stores and online at undercovermama.com and amazon. Make sure to size down rather than up for a better fit. Happy nursing!

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