It's BUMBO time!

We've finally reached that age, you know, the one where you can finally use the Bumbo Floor Seat! I love this time because it gives baby one more perspective to be entertained from. And it gives me a moment hands free.

I've had so much fun with all things girly since Stella has been born and I adore the new magenta gumbo floor seat. Stella looks so cute in it. And as a plus, it now has the harness which
the one my boys used years ago didn't have. 

For now, Stella smiles and coos endlessly at me and the boys while she's in the bumbo floor seat, but when she gets a bit older, I'll bust out the tray and have her play with toys and most likely even eat from it. It's so light and easy to clean that we'll use it for play and eating even when we're away from home.

As far as durability, my old one was used by my boys and my sister's boys and it's still going strong (and being used by yet another family member!). Our booster seat just literally fell to pieces a couple weeks ago and I'm thinking that I may even try out the bumbo booster seat since, if it's as good as the bumbo floor seat, it should hopefully last through my busy and wild children (that is, if anything can last through them...)

You can get your Bumbo Floor Seat online or in store at Target for $39.99. Bumbo even gives back a portion of its profits to help children in need through it's Bumbo Cares Program. I love companies that give back!

Any other Bumbo users out there? Which products of theirs have you tried out?

Disclosure: I was sent a bumbo floor seat to review but all opinions are 100% mine. I only review or recommend products that I've personally used and found valuable.

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