I'm thankful for...

I thought it would be fun, being the month of November, to have mondays be a day when we share something about our kids we are thankful for. So...

I'm thankful for

the phrases or words they say that aren't quite right,
the wonder they take in the simple and ordinary things of life,
the joy they show in every little achievement
and the ease and speed a smile appears on their face.

Jacob and Liam

Please share something about your children that you are thankful for and help us all relish in these sweet little people!


  1. Sharon @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

    I'm thankful for this adorable little picture! It helps remind me of the cuteness that kids are.

    1. My Baby Sleep Guide @ My Baby Sleep Guide -Says...

      Me too Sharon. It makes me smile whenever I look at it! How sweet and innocent they are!


  2. Kirstie @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...
    29 weeks ago ·
    I'm thankful for her squeels of delight, gorgeous smiles, snuggling into my shoulder when she wants a hug, open mouth of surprise, & recently - sleeping from 7pm til I feed her at 7am. (& laying in her bed talking for sometimes an hour while I try get a bit more sleep) xx it's a good idea to remind ourselves whats good, rather than focusing on the things that we aren't enjoying atm.

    1. mybabysleepguide @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

      My youngest is doing the open mouth of surprise right now too (or sometimes open mouth of thought). These little people are so adorable. Thanks for sharing!