Mother-Ease Swim Diaper

A few years ago I looked into cloth/reusable diapers. While I still haven't found an everyday cloth diaper I love (and consequently my use of them isn't very consistent) I have found a swim diaper I love, the Mother-Ease Swim Diaper. I really can't image going back to disposables now.

Not only do we go swimming tons (even if it's just a dip in the kiddie pool in the backyard) and save tons of money that way, but I also love how comfortable, easy, cute and non-chemical filled reusable swim diapers are. Even my husband
, who used to be anti anything that wasn't disposable, loves these.

There are lots of different swim diapers out there, so let me tell you why I chose this one over others:
  • Adjustability. You can adjust the waste and leg openings for a perfect fit. Not only is this more comfortable for your child, but it also helps to catch the poop better. Keep in mind that all swim diapers are ONLY made to catch the poop, not the pee. For some reason this didn't occur to me when I first started using them.
  • Comfortable. Before I got this reusable diaper I had another one. Every time I took it off my kids had big red marks around their legs and waste. Not only was the material around the waste and legs uncomfortable for them (and likely the chemicals were irritating to their sensitive skin), it was always way too tight regardless of what size we used. No issue with that now.
  •  Cute. Need I say more?
  • Easy to clean. Most of the time my little one {thank-goodness!} doesn't go poop in these. Then all I do is rinse it out for a second in water and hang to dry with the other swimming clothes. Super dooper easy.
  • No velcro to scratch your little one or your swim suits. Yes, it happens and it is not a pretty site! If you think a cloth swim diaper is expensive try replacing that swim suit of yours instead! Ouch!
  • Easy to take off when the worst takes place. The last thing you want to do when your child has pooped is pull a diaper off from the but down and spread the fun around. With the Mother-Ease Diaper you can snap one or two sides off for easy taking off.
  • Holds up well. I've been using mine for quite a while and they are still going strong. No signs of wear or tear yet.
  • Thin and light. No more five pound, bulgy diaper!
  • Family owned company. I try to support the little guys whenever possible so this is a big plus to me.
My little Jacob in his swim diaper

Some extra things to consider:
  • Although the sizing has recently changed to be a bit bigger, they still seem to run a bit small for me. BUT, I have kids that are pretty chubby so take that into consideration.
  • These are a bit pricey--I know. After thinking it over for a LONG time (because I am the worst person in the word at making any sort of decision) I decided that the quality, comfort and great features of the Mother-Ease swim diapers are worth it. You can look at a list of some other swim diapers here to compare. You can also find some wet bags here to carry your wet stuff in (something I've recently been converted to).
  •  It's always a good idea to have a backup swim diaper with you. I suggest either buying two cloth diapers, or, if your child rarely poops, you might want to have one disposable swim diaper on hand.

So, do you have any favorite swim diapers? And while we're on the topic, how about favorite everyday cloth diapers? I'm told that I just need to find the one I love, but we shall see.


  1. chantalmshelstad @ My Baby Sleep Guide -Says...

    I use a regular BumGenius diaper as a swim diaper currently since my chubby baby outgrew the swim diapers I had. It works fairly well! I'd like to get a real swim diaper someday, I'll look into this one!

    For every day we use FuzziBunz and Alva Baby's almost exclusively. They're pocket diapers and fit great on her. I love them!

    1. RachelStella @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

      Thanks for sharing chantalmshelstad! I really appreciate it.


  2. Word Lily @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

    I haven't tried swim diapers yet (my guy is 4.5 months old), but for diapering we're using GMD prefolds with hemp doublers and covers, a combination of Bummis and wool. I thought we'd detest the simple prefold and cover, but they're our favorites, actually. We've had leaking trouble with all the pockets we've tried (although, admittedly, I haven't tried all of them).

    1. Rachel @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

      Thanks word lily!


    2. RachelStella @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

      I mean t'hanks' for letting me know what you like ;)


  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I've just been thinking I need to look into swim diapers... We use Swaddlebees All-in-one diapers and love them. (Made by My biggest struggle w/ cloth diapers has been finding the right detergent to keep the rash away. Ended up just using the super cheap homemade stuff I normally use anyway! Woohoo for saving more money! :-)

    1. Beef,
      Thanks for the recommendation. When my kids are little nothing resolves their diaper rash completely, their skin is so darn sensitive. I'm glad you found something that works--and that's cheap!