How to Throw a Themed Birthday Party for Your Toddler

My son, Jacob, is about to turn 2 and Melissa was nice enough to write a posts with some helpful ideas for his birthday party. If you have any creative birthday ideas
, please share them!

A fun, themed party for your toddler doesn’t have to be elaborate or particularly difficult for you
to throw. Toddlers aren’t too picky about their parties. Your birthday boy or girl will stay happy
at the party as you’re by his or her side and he or she gets to play with a few friends. If you’re
wondering what exactly you need to do to throw a themed party for your little one, keep reading.
Here are some tips to help you easily throw a themed birthday party for your toddler:

1. Pick a simple theme – Themes like pirates, cowboys/girls, dinosaurs, and princesses are ideal
for a toddler’s birthday party because they’re relatively easy. The parents of the party guests
won’t mind putting on cowboy hats before the party. They might, on the other hand, be a little bit
less receptive to the idea of having to make or purchase a Sponge Bob costume for a Sponge Bob
themed party. Keep your guests and yourself in mind as you pick the right theme. It’ll be easier
for you to plan activities for a pirate-themed party than it will be for you to plan activities for
Dora the Explorer themed party. So, think about what’s easiest for everyone involved.

2. Plan a few relevant activities – You don’t have to plan too many activities for a toddler’s
birthday party. Since many of the party guests will be probably be babies and toddlers, you
don’t want to tire them out with a bunch of activities or stress them out with activities that are
too difficult. So, plan some activities that are fun and rather basic. For instance, you could fill
a couple of kiddie pools up with sand and little plastic toys and have the kids hunt for buried
treasure, if the party was pirate-themed. Or you could have them “ride” a large, stuffed horse
at a cowboy/cowgirl themed party and take pictures of all the kids on the horse. Feel free to get
creative with activities, but make sure they’re age-appropriate.

3. Make it short and sweet – A party for a six year old might last four or five hours. A party for
a toddler, on the other hand, generally works out best if it lasts about two hours. So, make note
on the invitation of exactly when the party will start and when it will end. If the party is too long,
you put yourself at risk of having to deal with some fussy party guests and frazzled parents. Plus,
keeping the party short and sweet will mean you’ll have to plan fewer activities and have an
overall easier time.

Planning a themed party for your toddler doesn’t have to be a source of stress in our life. Just
follow the tips above, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Author’s Bio: Melissa is a mom and party planner who writes for a variety of blogs about topics like planning kids’ parties, parenting on a busy schedule, and throwing a Mario birthday party and other themed birthday parties.

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