BreathableBaby Crib Bumper - Product Review

When my oldest, Joshua, was born, I used the average run of the mill crib bumper. You know, the ones that are soft, a little cushiony and super cute. I put it in the crib and put my baby in the crib and stood back and looked at how cute it all was. Then I started to worry. I knew about the risks
anything pillow-like posed to an infant.  So I thought I'd take it out when Joshua started to move around. I continued to worry. It was out of there a few days later.

When Jacob was born I decided to try out breathable bumpers. After lots of searching and research, I went with the BreathableBaby Crib Bumper. It looked safe, there was a good selection of colors, and it was reasonably priced (unlike the Go Mama which also looks great). I don't regret my choice at all. Here's why...
  • It allows great air flow and doesn't appear to pose any suffocation risk
  • It keeps baby's limbs out of the slats and pacifiers in the crib
  • It provides a barrier for baby to reduct visual stimulation during sleep times, but is see-through enough that you can still see how baby is doing
  • It ties or velcros easily and stays in place well (sometimes baby pushes it down, but it takes about two seconds to put it back in place)
  • Baby can't use it to climb out of the crib like the softer bumpers
  • Mattress sheet changes are easy. You can slide the mattress out to change the sheet with the bumper still in place.
  • It is available for portable and cradle cribs


  1. I have one of these from Alex. It actually velcros rather than ties and you can get it really snug with no sagging at all, I really like it.

  2. Would this help with head banging??

    1. Lacey and tyler,
      Unfortunately not. The go mama would help, a regular crib bumber would help too.