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Nursing Supplies I recommend
  • Nursing Covers: There are tons of different ones out there. I used the bebe au lait and liked it. Of course, you can also use a plain old blanket as a cover too. Right now people love using muslin blankets. They provide privacy but good air flow. And they're cute of course!
  • Nursing Pillow: I used the boppy and loved it with my son when he got a bit older (for nursing as well as other stuff). You will want to get at least 2 covers so you can use one while one is being washed. There are a lot of cute boppy covers out there. I have to constantly stop myself from buying them :) For newborns I prefer The Brest Friend. See my review here.
  • Lansinoh Lanolin: Great to use after each feeding, especially if you are having your first baby. You don't even have to rinse it off. Many people also use it during the third trimester one to two times daily to help condition the skin and also help with dryness and itchiness. It is also good for dry skin anywhere on the body including chapped lips. I like to use it on babies if they have dry skin, especially if it is on their face since the product won't harm them if it is ingested. One tube goes a long way!  I also love Newman's Ointment (you need a prescription for this) which has added benefits than lanolin.
  • Breast Pump: If you plan to pump often I suggest an electric pump. Medela is generally considered to be the best breast pump by experts but it is pretty pricey. I used the Medela pump in style and loved it.
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags: You use these to store breastmilk in the fridge, or more commonly, the freezer. They are great! Most of the time you pump into a bottle and then transfer the milk to a storage bag. I liked the Medela Pump and Save Storage Bags because you can connect the bag to your pump which saves you time and keeps milk cleaner. You can also buy the Playtex Nursing Necessities One Step Breast Milk Storage Kit which can be used even if you don't use the platex drop ins and is less expensive than the medela pump and save bags.
  • Milk Storage Organizer: Many people get by without one of these. I personally love these and find them very helpful when storing and organizing breastmilk by date (so you use the oldest milk first). I used the lid as a storage container too and got twice the storage for half the price!
  • Bottles: Even if you are breastfeeding baby may want to give a bottle every now and again. I suggest offering a bottle at least once a week (more or less depending on how your baby does with a bottle) once your baby is a few weeks old. There are tons of different bottles out there and they all claim to be the best. Whatever you choose to get, I suggest getting bpa free ones just in case.
  • Nursing Bras: I think bravado has the best nursing bras. You can be fitted before baby is born (many lactation centers offer this), but a fitting a couple weeks after, once engorgement is over, will be more beneficial. I think it is a good idea to have at least one bra available right after baby is born so I would buy a bra that can accommodate for more than one bra size like this one.
  • Nursing Pads: You really do get what you pay for. Often you end up having to use less of the expensive ones so in reality they don't end up costing more. The more expensive ones are usually less conspicuous too. My favorite are the Lansinoh and Medela pads. I used the less expensive Avent pads at first because I wasn't out in public much and I found them to be more comfortable for my sore nipples. I have never had much luck with washable nursing pads although one of my sisters really likes them.
  • Gel Breast Soothers: These saved me when I was first breastfeeding. At the time I could only find them at a lactation center, but I looked again recently and was able to find them in a few others places, including motherhood maternity and baby depot at burlington coat factory. They are thin, gel-like and in the shape of a disc. They go over your sore nipples, soothe them between feedings (even a soft nursing pad can feel like knives when you are just starting to nurse) and help prevent nursing pads from sticking to your nipples. I really think that they are a must have that most people don't know about. Make sure to ask about them while you are in the hospital. I have helped several new moms get these and they have all told me that they were life savers!
  • Nursing Clothes: Many people get by without these. I bought a couple nursing shirts but only used them occasionally. I know of several people that really like nursing nightgowns but I have never used one. Another alternative is to always wear a spaghetti strap under your shirt (that you pull down rather than up when you nurse) so that your back/side/stomach stays covered or a belly band (you can use it during pregnancy and while nursing).
  • The Nursing Mother's Companion. An awesome book about everything breastfeeding. The best one I've read yet.

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