Core Night

The core night is a method to help your baby sleep longer at night that takes into account your baby's readiness and builds upon this.

Once your baby shows you that he can sleep a certain length of time through the night (his "core night") and does so for 3-4 nights in a row you
no longer feed him during this span of time.

Before you attempt the core night method:
  • Baby should be over 6 weeks old, weight 10 lbs and be gaining weight well each week.
  • Baby should be on a good daytime routine.
  • Make sure the last feed of the night is substantial enough to allow baby to sleep for the desired time
  • Ideally this method should be considered when your baby is still waking in the night looking for a feed but not feeding well at this feed or the morning feed.

When baby wakes during the core night hours Gina Ford suggests you leave baby for a few minutes to see if he will settle back to sleep himself. If he doesn't settle by himself then you can use other methods besides feeding, giving the minimum attention possible, to help settle him (e.g. pacifier, sip of water, shush-pat, p.u./p.d.). If these methods still don't settle baby (please give them some time to work!) then give the shortest feed possible to settle your baby.


  1. Has anyone tried this out? Would love to know if it works!

  2. It's actually a method that has been around for years. Many sleeping books have methods similar to this although they don't usually say they are using the core method. Even the baby whisperer says to use a pacifier to help a baby drop a feeding. Anyway, I've heard of a lot of people having success with this method. Some kind of variation of this method seems to be the norm to help kids make it through the night.

  3. Thank you Rachel for this information, very helpful.. and for taking the time to help me with my sleep issues.

    1. mcfly728,
      You are welcome. I hope it was helpful and you start to see some improvements in sleep!