Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems (Ferber) - Book Review

Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber has a method of getting your child to sleep that is similar to Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child but instead of going "cold turkey" it recommends a more gradual approach which it states is more effective. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child mentions that a more gradual approach can be done but it encourages the
cold turkey approach because it states this will work better. There certainly are contradicting opinions wherever you look!

This book also goes over the physiology of sleep, sleep associations, possible causes of your child's poor sleep and gives you an idea of what a normal amount of sleep is depending on your child's age.

Sleep problems in older children are also thoroughly discussed.

Like some other books, this book suggests not worrying about what you do to get your child to sleep until he is a few months old which, as I've previously mentioned, I disagree with. It seems much more logical to me to start as you mean to go (when possible) rather than create habits that you will later need to fix.

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