Continual updates and changes on posts

I've decided to update individual posts on this blog whenever I have new information to add to them from reading new books, reader comments, experience etc instead of just writing a new post with additional information about the subject. This means that a post you looked at yesterday may be a little different today, though probably not
extremely different. I've decided to do it this way to make it easier to look through information and find what you need (which is also why I have a bunch of links for other related posts throughout the body of a post). So instead of having like 5 posts written at different times on something like short nap fixes I can have just one post with all this information, though it may have been updated a few times to get to where it is at currently. Make sense? Hopefully using this method will make this blog more user friendly. If you have any suggests about other things I could do just let me know. Thanks! I hope you find this blog useful!

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