Sleep Attire

The best sleep attire for your baby is going to depend upon their age, your preferences, their preferences and the temperature of your home.

For young babies that need to have their diapers changed often (even in the middle of the night when poor parents are tired out of their minds and can barely see straight) an
infant gown or sleep sack is nice or if you choose to swaddle (which I highly encourage for newborns) you can have your baby wear an infant gown, onesie or simply a shirt under the swaddle. Having something that has mitten cuffs can be especially helpful to prevent a baby from scratching his face, even if he is swaddled since babies are known to get their hands out of a swaddle.

Once I stop swaddling, I put baby into a sleep sack. Admittedly these look kind of silly, especially for a boy (I know he's just a baby, but still!), but I absolutely love them. They keep baby nice and warm and make diaper changes easy. Once the sleep sack becomes unpractical (baby rolls too much and gets twisted up or tries to stand in it and gets frustrated) then I suggest moving onto a footed sleeper like a sleep and play or a sleep sack with feet (especially nice for keeping a child warm during naps).

Some People suggests having your baby always sleep in cotton because it is breathable and is less likely to itch or cause a rash like some fabrics such as wool. I personally prefer cotton for the summer and a synthetic fabric like fleece or polyester for the winter. That is just my preference though.

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  1. Here is a great alternative to swaddling and 'regular' sleep sacks - the Peke Moe is a swaddle transitioning tool or just as a great blanket alternative which prevents babies from scratching their face and keeps hands covered and cosy too
    was brilliant for our swaddle houdini anyway! :)

  2. I've never heard of the Peke Moe. Thanks for mentioning it!