Me. Reading Like a Mad Woman.

I've read A LOT of books on sleep. I know. Totally lame. When I told my sister this she said that I must miss studying so much from when I was in school that I use this as a substitute. Hmmm. Maybe she's right. Seriously though, my son was a terrible sleeper when he was a newborn and it stressed me out like crazy. I mean, I couldn't get the little guy to sleep for
the life of me. So I started to research it and I guess all my stress regarding the situation made me a bit obsessive. You get like that on only a few hours of sleep a day you know. I took notes on what I read (because I had "mommy brain" and because I'm a note-a-holic) and eventually organized all my information so that I'd have it for future children...because I did not want to go through with them sleep wise what I went through with my first.

I'm anything but an expert writer or book reviewer but I figured that it would help out to do book reviews of the books I've read (see blog index). I also plan on reading more books on sleep in the future once I finish the twenty things I've got on my to do list. I'll of course add these to my book list as I read them. If you've got a book you'd like me to review just let me know and I'll get on it as soon as I can.

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