Stella at 2 weeks

This is the first time I've had newborn portraits done and now I'm so sad I didn't get them done for my boys too. The idea of getting them done seemed overwhelming with the boys (getting portraits done is stressful enough for me without the thought of just having had a baby!) but it wasn't bad at all--it was even kind of fun. Luckily, Stella cooperated really well so we were able to get several different shots--here are some of my favorites.


  1. Wow, beautiful pics, looks like you have a great sleeper there!

    1. Catherine,
      Some white noise and a heater on her helped out a lot (things the photographer did for newborn shoots). And a lot of luck. She wasn't an especially sleepy baby, just that day!

  2. Love these! We just had ours done and enjoyed watching our boy folded and molded into those cute newborn poses. Your Stella is so precious and photos are very creative - last one is my favorite.