I'm counting down the minutes until tomorrow.

Today was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! (I may have copied this title, but I really mean it!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these days. I've felt as emotional as a pack of teenage girls. I've had a headache for 2 days and I've felt like I was on the verge of going insane from whining. Did I mention that
my 2 year old is on his fifth day of being sick? And I've told you all before how dramatic he gets when he is sick. He wants the ENTIRE world to know (particularly his mommy) how terrible he feels with his endless whines and grunts and moans. And of course he wakes up multiples times at night which adds wonderfully to the whole situation. (don't get me wrong, I love the guy like crazy, but a mom needs to vent sometimes)

Now, I'm usually a pretty patient and optimistic person. But WOW can kids push every one of your buttons sometimes. Being a parent (especially a tired, emotional one) is not an easy job. I specifically remember mentioning to my coworker when Joshua was a newborn that I felt much less stressed taking care of a patient in cardiac arrest than I did my own baby!  Yes, it really was that hard for me with my first baby.

Days like today make me second guess everything.  And they are a killer for my confidence. I start wondering how capable I really am at this parenting and home-making thing. I even start to wonder if I'm nuts to want another baby (I've been trying to get pregnant for some time) who'll be up all hours of the night. I feel so tired right now as it is and I don't even have a newborn!

But you know what. Tomorrow is another day. It's amazing what a new day can bring. I'll probably be laughing at this post then ;)

Anyone else have a day like mine?


  1. I have those days.. I even put a comment on your blog when it happens. Parenting is harder from my most stressful at work! Really testing my patience. But not all all days are bad.. And love it when baby smile and laughing back at you.. Not every day a bad day..

    1. LuChu,
      In motherhood, I really have to focus on the small amazing moments that children bring. They help make up for all the tough moments. Nothing is much better than having a baby laugh and smile back at you, huh?

  2. This has been my last 2 weeks and the first week of it not realizing he had an earache the whole time! Mother of the year! I am so grateful for your blog. I have used it at every stage since my son was born and refer it to all my friends. So thank you for this post too. I'm in a new town to boot and feeling very isolated in the insanity of my 21 month old, who won't wear pants sometimes or go outside or now sleep after being the best, easiest sleep! No doubt there is gobs of cuteness, sweetness and love between the nos, the hitting, throwing and whining. Being sick and I think developmentally changing has just jacked his sleep. Now if I can only get him my amazing sleeper to remember how to fall asleep. Since he's been sick, he will not go down on his own and shakes his head and starts to cry or run away the minute I say it's time for bed or we are going to bed soon. He used to just go right down. Now it's an hour of tears (I gave in last night after an hour of screaming and laid down with him til he fell asleep and transferred him. I Not a solution, I know. I feel like we are back to when he was 4 mo old and I was sleep training him! I do think he needs a night light and maybe a singing toy?! He has one but they were too overstimulating for him and he just stayed up all night pushing the damn button to play it! haha! we have a routine. Bedtime is at 7, wake up at 5:30, I do think he needs to go to bed later-last night he didn't fall asleep until 9! But I think he was exceptionally worked up. Anyways, your blog is great! Thank you! And definitely it's helped me realize that every day is not this hard and tomorrow is ALWAYS a new, exciting day!

    1. Katie H,
      I'm sorry you are having such a rough time! At this age, setting limits and following through are really really big. If you set firm limits during the day, it will help transfer to the limits you set at night. It is normal for many kids to reach a time when they are upset about going to sleep. Usually it passes eventually, although it can visit again in the future. It isn't uncommon to hear parents say that sleep training only works for a short time and that children will start having bad sleeping issues in the future no matter what (which I disagree with). Well, you've reached that common spoken of time, but I wouldn't say it is bc sleep training does't work. Children are always having sleep issues pop up here and there, and they are always testing their limits. It can be hard to address these issues, more so for some parents than others, especially first time parents. This doesn't mean that some parents are better than others, some of us just more easily handle certain issues a way that kind of helps distinguish sleep issues. I would go back to what you used to do that helped sleep go well. I would consider reading a book on limit setting with children (something that every parent struggles with in one way or another). It sounds like he is sleeping 10.5 hours at night so I don't think he needs less sleep, if anything more. Some kids will sleep that much at night if they have a long nap, though. I don't think giving him extra things to entertain him at night for sleep is really the key (although a lovey is always suggested), just like with a young baby adding one prop after another isn't really fixing the problem, it is just kind of covering it up. If you think a night light will help, that isn't a bad idea, although it hurts more than helps with some children. Anyway, sorry I'm all over the place. I hope I wasn't sounding too harsh or anything. I just wanted to try to address the issues so that you can both get the sleep and rest you badly need. best of luck! rachel