The 5 S's: Easing Vaccine Pain

Guess what. Remember those 5 S's I recently mentioned from The Happiest Baby on the Block?

Well, recently a study was published in the journal Pediatrics that showed that doing the 5 S's shortly after a young baby received her vaccinations helped her calm down much
quicker and experience less pain than sugar water alone (the old gold standard besides breastfeeding). Pretty cool huh? It's that effective.

For the quickest results, I suggest you swaddle the top half of baby before the injections so you can start to calm baby as soon as possible once the vaccinations are given.

Less tears! Yeah!

By the way, in the past (and probably still in the present) many pediatricians  reccomended giving tylenol before or after immunizations. In one study done relatively recently, acentaminophen (aka tylenol) was shows to reduce the effectiveness of vaccinations (ibuprofen often isn't suggested for children under 6 months of age). So anyway, just more of a reason to try something like the 5 S's to soothe baby.

What have you done to help your little one with vaccination pain?

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