Sick Baby. Here. Now.

My little Jacob is sick, again. And he doesn't handle sickness too well, unlike my son Joshua. When Joshua was sick as a baby, he'd be a little fussy during wake hours and almost always sleep normal during sleep times (I know, lucky). When Jacob is sick he let's you know! Pretty much, if he
ever wakes up in the middle of the night I know it is because of sickness. It usually goes on for a few days then he goes right back to normal.

Kids handle sickness differently. Some sleep normally, others have a really hard time. Some kids take a while to get back to their regular sleep routine and may even need a little sleep training to get there.

Regardless of how your child sleeps, a strong sleep foundation (good, consistent sleep habits that have been going on for a while) is going to help you bounce right back to where you used to be. If that foundation isn't there you may find yourself having to start sleep training all over again, almost as if it never happened. Not ideal!

Get that strong sleep foundation, and try to do it before your baby is very old. It'll help you out in the weeks, months and even years to come. It may be inconvenient at first and difficult to be consistent, but it is worth it in the long run. I promise.


  1. I have been so encouraged by your blog. I too have two sons. It seems like our sons have similar personalities and temperaments as well. I was at first discouraged with my second son. My oldest has rarely, if ever, woken in the night since he started sleeping through the night. He bounces back and goes with the flow so easily. My second son is so much more sensitive. It seems that everyone says the first is the most difficult, but for me my second has proven to require more trouble shooting. Thanks for reminding me that I am not doing anything wrong, my kids are simply different!

  2. The Houks,
    I need to be reminded that my kids are different all the time ;) It helps ground me and feel happy for what I have, good and not so good!