SnuggleU - Product Review

The SnuggleU (the blue pillow like thing cuddling my son) wraps around baby making him feel snug and secure--just like in the womb. It is made of memory foam so you can fit it to baby no matter his size, with or without
a swaddle.

It is especially good for newborns who like to feel really snuggled, although it can be good for older babies too. My 5 month old son Jacob actually still likes it. He loves to be snuggled and especially likes to have his feet lifted up over the end of the SnuggleU in a fetal like position.

It is a pretty neat product and my son has slept better with it, especially in the large crib. One of the best things about it is that it is affordable! Just $25 or $30 with a pillowcase. That is a super cheap price for something that can help baby sleep better!

A Couple thoughts:
  • If you use the SnuggleU with older babies, I would probably only use it in a basinett where it is securely stuck in place. Once baby is a few months old he becomes a big mover, and if in the crib, can move sideways and get the SnuggleU in his face.
  • Getting more than one pillow case is always a good idea so you have a clean one to use while one is being washed.
  • I suggest keeping the bottom of the SnuggleU (the part by baby's feet) against a hard surface so that baby cannot kick it out and away. This was a favorite hobby of my sons before I started doing this.

Want one? You can get one HERE.

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