HELP YOUR BABY FALL BACK TO SLEEP WITH ANOTHER PERSON'S ASSISTANCE - especially useful for co-sleeping & breastfeeding babies (No-Cry Sleep Solution)

Many babies get used to one method of falling asleep (which often includes mom breastfeeding and/or co-sleeping) and are unable to fall asleep any other way or with any other person.

To help your child fall asleep with another person, pantley suggests you have a willing person who baby is comfortable with put baby to sleep for a week or so. She suggests you start with naps, but you can start with night time sleep too.

Have this helper put baby to sleep in any method that that works, keeping in mind that you may have to wean from some sleep props used, like a bottle. If baby gets extremely upset, you may want to have your helping bring baby to you to put to sleep (using methods in "Help your baby to fall back to sleep on his own while you continue to breastfeed and co-sleep) and then have your helper help out again during future wakings.

If your baby normally co-sleeps, you might want to have your helper sleep next to him too. For babies under 18 months, have baby sleep in a separate bed next to your helper--like a co-sleeper.

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