Is baby sleeping too much?

So, is baby sleeping too much?

Most likely no.

Babies and children need a lot of sleep. Except for some uncommon situations, (low iron, sleep apnea etc) children will not sleep more than
they need. They would simply rather play and eat than lounge around all day. The problem with oversleeping usually doesn't start until children reach their teen years. But as you all know, most teens don't have a problem with oversleeping either, usually they have the opposite problem.

So stop worrying and certainly stop listening to all those well meaning but WRONG neighbors and friends that insist your child needs to be awake more to play, move and experience the world. Your child is doing just what he should and needs to be doing by sleeping--he's renewing his energy and his brain is developing, among other things. In fact, by sleeping more, your child is much more alert and is able to take in far more in less time than a tired child.

If you do have concerns though, certainly see your doctor about them. There's no reason you should be sitting around worrying if a simple doctor's visit can calm your nerves.

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  1. Is it normal for a teething toddler to have a day of sleeping in late? My son woke up twice last night crying & is still sleeping now, 1hr past his usual wake-time. I went in there once, but he didn't move & that told me he was still really asleep.

  2. Brand and Cassy,

    It makes sense that your son wants to sleep in late because 1)he's possibly in pain which might make him not sleep so soundly causing him to need extra sleep time 2) he may not feel good throughout the day which may make him more worn out and need more sleep--at least this is the case with me :) 3) he has been up a couple times at night and is making up his sleep debt in the morning.

    It's always kind of hard to tell how much extra to let a sick/tired child sleep because if you do too little or too much you'll end up with a child that has a hard time sleeping later on (ie you let him take a super long afternoon nap and he then can't fall asleep at night). I've noticed that different children seem to act differently in this situation so you really have to feel it out and see how your son does.