Restoring a previously dropped nap

If your child, for whatever reason, has dropped a nap but still needs it you can work on restoring it. I'm talking about the child that no longer will fall asleep for her nap even though she obviously needs it, not the child that
resists a nap. For that see Why Won't My Toddler or Preschooler Fall Asleep?! and Won't Fall Asleep At Sleep Times - Plays, Cries Or Does Both.

The most effective way of restoring a nap that I know of is to exercise and stimulate your child like crazy. Take them to the park for hours. Do all kinds of fun activities. Then put them down for their nap. Continue doing this for several days as your child's body gets used to sleeping at the previous nap time. You may need to start off by putting them to bed at a slightly later time than usual. You can try slowly moving this nap time earlier over time.

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