Partial Awakenings

During partial awakenings children may move around, sit up, cry, speak etc. These awakenings aren't usually remembered and last from a few seconds to a few minutes as long as an important stimulus doesn't wake him up (including mom and dad running into
him thinking he is ready to eat or play). Sometimes there are more dramatic behaviors at this time, especially when it is a partial awakening from deep non-REM sleep.

Partial awakenings are totally normal whether you are a baby or an adult. What is not normal, or usually desired unless baby needs to eat or has another need, is not being able to fall back to sleep easily by yourself after having a partial awakening (see Sleep Props/Associations and sleep transitions).

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  1. Hello, I was hoping you could help me as we are getting desperate! I have a 5 month old who on the whole sleeps and naps well.....until a month ago! He learnt to roll from his back to front but not other way round. If he partially wakes he rolls, gets stuck and screams and screams waking himself up fully. He does this for naps and in the night. We've tried leaving him but he can't get back and screams until he vomits and then face plants into it.

    He now does it going into the sleep as well and he is then completely overtired by the time he gets to sleep.

    Is there anything we can do?? We are getting quite frustrated by it- as is he!