A few words of advice from the Baby Whisperer

 Parents who in the heat of the moment take what seems like an easier road, only to find out later that it leads them to a dangerous dead end... Start as you mean to go on.
Parenting is the ultimate test of patience. Our child doesn't want to take a nap. Do we give in because we just don't feel like fighting a battle right now or do we
persist, realizing that while it is easier to give in right now, we are making more problems for ourselves and our child in the long run. I know, easier said than done! Read more about this on the post Accidental Parenting.

Problems become a distant memory a month from now, but we tend to forget that when we're living through it.
So true, especially when we are sleep deprived. Of course, if we try to make a "quick fix" or our problems, they may last much longer than just a month or so.

Inconsistencies confuse children...Our children need us to be there and to be strong and wise for them, to show them the way.
Consistency is important whether it involves discipline, sleep or eating. Children simply thrive better on a routine and consistency. They also thrive better with someone to guide their way. We are here to teach and guide them, not the other way around. They aren't born with the ability to know when they should go to sleep (or even how to sleep) just as they aren't born with the ability to walk. We need to help show them the way. We can't just sit around waiting for our child to figure out everything on his own, because this simply isn't going to happen, or at least not with good results.

A problem is nothing more than an issue that needs to be addressed or a situation calling for a creative solution. Ask the right questions, and you'll come up with the right answers... When problems persists, it's usually because of something the parents have done, or because of their attitude.
The second part of this quote sounds really harsh, but if you're truly honest with yourself, you'll often (but not always) find that it's true. To read more about how attitude can effect parenting problems, check out the post Attitude is Everything.

[It is important to] observe, respect and communicate with your baby. It means that you see your child for who she really is - her personality and her particular quirks...and tailor your parenting strategies accordingly.
Our babies have their own feelings and opinions too! Are we trying to see things from our babies perspective? Are we trying to work our parenting style around our babies personality? I find that when I do this, a lot of the problems I'm having seem to almost magically dissolve or are easily resolved.

Keep in mind that whatever stage your child is in right now- good or bad- will pass.
Remember to cherish the good moments because they may be over before you know it. The bad moments, well, just try not to get too absorbed in them and work toward better things in the future. My friend wrote a good post about this. Since she is a much better writer than me I won't try to sum up her post but will instead just give you the link to it here.

...there are prime times - the best ages to teach a particular skill, like sleeping through he night, or to introduce a new element into your child's life...Particularly as children move into toddlerhood, if you don't start things at optimal times, you're likely to have a power struggle on your hands.
I have to agree with The Baby Whisperer on this one which is why I think it is important to start working on sleeping habits from the time your child is a new baby rather than when he is a toddler and already has strong habits in place.

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