Sharing a Room with a Sibling

When it comes to sleep, younger children often sleep better by themselves. If they are not crying and keeping their siblings up, they are chatting with them and looking around and, well, being entertained instead of sleeping. I don't blame them. I'm the same way.

Things are especially tricky when there is a newborn in the picture. Not only does the newborn need to wake often to eat, but they may also have other sleeping issues that cause them to
wake frequently, often crying. This isn't the best situation for older children, but sometimes it isn't that big of a deal. Many older siblings will actually sleep through the cries (I have yet to encounter this with my family, but I hear it really is possible!), especially if they happen during the night rather than naps.

When your baby gets older the chatting and entertainment factor comes more into play. This is especially common right after you move kids into the same room. I shared a room with three other siblings much of my life and I remember this nighttime entertainment fondly. We kept each other up all the time, and it drove my parents nuts!

Separate rooms usually makes sleep easier (especially with naps) but obviously this isn't always possible. One trick my friend does is have her kids sit in their beds and talk and/or read for 15-30 minutes before night lights. Maybe this will work for you.

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