Attitude Is Everything

Babies are smart creatures. And toddlers only get smarter.

They can read into and understand so much more than they let up so it is important to keep your emotions and responses to your baby in check--no matter how young he is. If you think going to sleep in his dark little crib sounds frightening and you
show this to him in any way, he will think the same thing too! If you overreact when he wakes up in the middle of the night (or misbehaves for that matter) then he will notice this overreaction, wonder what caused it, want it to happen again, and next thing you know you have a chronic night owl!

Keep your emotions, words and physical reactions in check! Children can quickly pick up on our pity, anxiety, worry and sadness and use this to work to their advantage. At first they won't be trying to manipulate you, but in no time at all your little one will have the art of manipulation down to a tee. Yes, children are the sweetest things ever, but they are also mischievous and want their way!

Key points:
  • Don't overreact with things. This carries outside of the sleeping sphere too. If your child falls down, don't overreact unless you want a hollering child every time he "almost falls". If your child throws a piece of food don't overreact unless you want to be picking up his entire meal off the floor. I think you get my point. Don't overreact. Instead try to keep nice and calm.
  • Keep a positive attitude about things--especially if your child doesn't like something. Children are easily convinced. If you say "I'm sorry but you have to go to bed right now" in a sad, anxious tone, he'll get that going to bed is an undesirable thing. If you say "you have to eat your vegetables (frown in place) and then you get this nice yummy dessert" he'll quickly understand that veggies are yucky and desert is yummy. On the contrary, if you want him to think a toy is "cool" all you have to do is go over to it and start to play with it. If you want him to think that bed is a great place to be, talk it up! "Guess what! We're going to go get your favorite blanky, read a book, then snuggle and go to sleep. Oh, I feel so tired right now. That sounds so nice!" Obviously, many kids will still detest sleep to an extent (what 2 year old wouldn't want to play all day and night?) but keeping a positive attitude will help make things run smoother.


  1. thanks so much for this reminder!! =)

  2. Hunniebee530,
    I need a reminder about this every so often too :)

  3. I need to be reminded about this several times a day! Especially with a toddler and newborn!

  4. Yes Ruth, this is really important with two little ones!! And especially hard to do!