Why does my child appear sleepy throughout the day?

If your child appears sleepy throughout the day (rather than just before nap times or bedtime) then he may have insufficient sleep (not enough, poor quality, possible sleep disorder) or a badly timed or inconsistent sleep schedule (see Biological Rhythms and Sleep).

This isn't the case with many newborns. They often act sleepy all day and night regardless of how much sleep they have gotten. Don't worry, this will change!

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  1. Hi Rachael
    I'm not too sure if my previous comment went through , but I really need someone to help me it's our first baby and we really don't have a clue!!!
    He just turned nine months and he has slept through the night on and off from time to time he doesn't sleep much during the day . He has three 240ml formula feeds through the day as well as lunch and dinner and then I give him dream feed between 9/10pm.
    For the last few weeks he wakes up at the same time of 1:30 am every night and has 150ml and doesn't go down after that without a fight we have to either rock him to sleep or bring him into our bed . I don't know what to
    Do coz I think he is old enough to sleep through the night but then I don't want to starve him :(
    What should I do to make sure it's not a habit and he is actually hungry ?!! Please help !