Your most dire twin questions, answered.

Even though I'm in my thirties, I still get asked all kinds of questions (usually the same ones) when people find out that I'm a twin. Are you identical? Do people get you mixed up? Did you ever switch classes in high school? Did you ever switch dates? Do you know when she's hurt or sad? Can your husbands tell you apart? 

My sister Sharon (mom of 4) gets the twin questions too. All. The. Time. She's gotten some really bizarre comments and questions over the last two years. Here are some of the
most common ones. And yes, she is a bit of a tease!

Our once 7 1/2 pound twins are now giant toddlers who turned two last week. We love these little rascals that keep both our hands busy and our hearts full. 

Over the past two years I've had several recurring questions/comments from both strangers and people I know, some of which I'll answer here:

Q: Are your twins identical? A: One has blonde straight hair and one has brown wavy hair.
Q: Are you tired? A: Nope! I have magical fairy babies that were born sleeping 14 hours a night.
Q: Which twin is your favorite? A: Whichever one gets toilet trained first. But...seriously?
Q: Are they natural? A: No, they are robots.
Q: Do you want another set of twins? A: Why not three more sets?! Twins are easy peasy.
Q: You had a lot of help when they were born, right? A: Like from xanax?
Q: Is Jude a girl? A: No, he's a boy. Q: Really? He looks so girly. A: Do you want to check?
Q: I've always wanted to have twins!!! A: Come to my house for one hour and you'll change your mind.
Q: You've got your hands full! A: Yep!...Could you open the door for me then?

Merry Birthday Luke and Jude!

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