Bin Caddy Overhead Storage - Product Review

I have a love-hate relationship with baby stuff. I love how cute the clothes are, how fun the toys are and how helpful the stuff is (you know, the swing at 2 am when baby won't sleep). But, I do not like figuring out where to put all this stuff. There is so dang much of it!

I'm lucky enough to have a storage room, but even that is vomiting out baby stuff, among other things. Even when I attempt to organize things, itquickly turns into a huge mess again because I'm always having to move a hundred things around to find whatever it is I need. And the problem has only gotten worse since I had a girl and now have girl and boy things to store.

Bin Caddy offered to send me a sample of their product so that I could get some of my storage under control. At first I was going to put the Bin Caddy on the ceiling of my storage room, but then I decided that I would put it in the most useless space I have in my house, the space above the garbage doors. I mean, what else am I EVER going to do this with this space! Now instead of nothing there, I've got the Bin Caddy Rails holding up my storage bins. They are out of the way, but still easily accessible.

You start with this.
 You put up the Bin Caddy Overhead
 ...and you're left with these bins overhead and lot's of free space below

Some Details
  • You can easily rotate your storage, from either one or two ends (depending on where you place your bin caddy storage
  • If you use see-through bins, you can see what's in your bins without going through them at any given time.
  • You can fit it anywhere there is a ceiling, even above the garage doors.
  • It's super sturdy and built to last.
What bins can I use?
The bins you already have will probably work. They should be made of rigid plastic and have a lid. I was only able to hang my bins lengthwise (on the handle sides) because the other way didn't have any lip or strong support ribs.

What supplies will I need?
  • Stud finder
  • tape measure
  • Drill with 6" bit extender. The instructions don't tell you to make a pilot hole, but I always do.
  • 3/8 " socket adapter with a fitting socket
  • Chalk Line (you could put it up without this, but the chalk line makes it much easier)
Where can I buy it?
You can get the Bin Caddy Storage System at Amazon

Is it quick and easy to set up?
It is relatively quick and easy to set up, but how quick and easy will depend on a few things. While I know how to use a drill, I'm not extremely savvy when it comes to doing things around the house. I can usually figure things out, but it takes me much longer than a person that actually knows what they are doing! I had never used a drill extender or socket adaptor before so that was a bit tricky for me. If you are unexperienced with these tools like I was (and still am), I would go to a hardware store with the included screws and make sure you have all the right things you need (in the right sizes) before starting the install. I almost thought my bins wouldn't work but then I realized I just had to hang them on the handle side. Whew! I have a habit of not thinking clearly or outside the box when I'm doing something new with tools!

If you check out the Bin Caddy website, you'll find some great install videos. There are also additional helpful tips on the installation instructions with each kit.

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  1. So I've been attempting the PU/PD method for 2 days and I have a question. It says to put baby down she. He's sleepy/drowsy. My question is how drowsy? Should I be putting him down almost asleep or just at the yawning stage?