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    1. nabeela @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

      Hi Rachel! Just found this website and wish i had found it 3 months ago!! I have a 12.5 week old son and right now i am struggling to get him to eat during the day. He is EBF mostly and will only take a bottle from someone else with a bit of struggle.

      I have been trying to do EASY for the last 2-3 weeks, but he keeps pulling off after a few minutes to smile at me and gets distracted. I go to his nursery and try white noise and still during the day i can barely get him to eat. He will maybe eat 15 minutes total during the day Our routine at night is bath, diaper change, pjs and then i feed him in the nursery for a few minutes and he usually passes out. i know he is going to be hungry so i then can wake hima fter a few minutes and feed him usually for 20 minutes is all i can get him to eat give or take. Its a sleepy feed to but thats the only way i can get him to eat enough. Then i kinda wake him up and lay him down and have to pat him off and on and then he passes out for 4 hours. He wakes up by 12ish give or take (4 horus later) and seems really hungry but i can only get him to eat 10 min then he sleeps another 2 hours and wants to eat again (i think) and sleeps 1.5 if im lucky and then another 1 or 1.5. Each time I wait and try and see if he will go back to sleep and sometimes he does and sometimes he seems like he wants food. I havent done a dream feed yet because i usually pass out with him from 8 to 12.

      I think he is associating nursing with sleep but i cant get him to eat during the day. Any other tips on that? I am assuming it maybe a phase of distraction and will go away. He sleeps in his crib for the first stretch then i bring him into bed with me which sounds like i need to not do. i also sleep in the nursery as well.

      Do you think i should feed him at his bedtime when i can get him to eat adn then wake him up a bit and then put him down? So he stops associating nursing with sleep? i read the night wakings post but it seems like he is really hungry the first 2 wakings but maybe after that he isnt hungry as he only nibbles for abit an passes out.

      Thank you so much...i am trying to read everything on your website but i think those are my two biggest issues so far that i want to work on..And i go back to work in a week and half and 4 hours of sleep sucks!!

      1. RachelStella @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

        During the day, you can try feeding in a dark room, white noise like you've done is a good idea, sometime lying down next to baby to nurse in a dark room works for some people. Also, make sure you space the daily feedings out. If he's eating every 2 hours at this age, he isn't ever getting hungry enough to want to eat more than a few minutes--and feeds that close during the day at this age will likely make the feeds closer at night too.

        Keep in mind that it isn't uncommon for a baby to only need to eat 10 minutes at this age. They can get pretty efficient. So if he's eating 10 minutes in the middle of the night and he seems really hungry, that is likely filling him up. If he were younger I'd guess he might be passing out half way through the feed, but with his current age, likely he is getting what he wants first then.

        I would aim to have him not so overtired that he passes out after a couple minutes of eating at bedtime. Ideally he'd take a full feed maybe getting a bit drowsy during it and at the end of the feed, he may fall asleep. So work on getting enough nap time during the day, a good waketime length, and an earlier bedtime if needed. It's best if you can keep him awake during that feed (because the falling asleep then waking up to eat can cause issues, if not now, often later) but if you can't, then waking him up after a few minutes to finish the feed sounds fine. You have to work with what you've got going on :)

        Yes, the distraction will improve some, but likely not completely go away. I usually let baby look around for a moment then tell him it is time to eat and encourage him to latch on again. Some babies do well with a toy in their hand or a nursing necklacke may help too.

        My general rule of thumb is that if baby wakes and eats only 2 minutes or less (or isn't actually swallowing, just sort of suckling) then he isn't hungry. If he eats longer, he's probably hungry---BUT that doesn't mean he actually needs the feed. AT this age, I'm really aiming for 1 feed, sometimes a baby will keep 2 for a bit longer. If there's more than that, baby is waking more out of a habit of wanting to eat to either help him go back to sleep or because he's used to eating then and feels a bit hungry although he doens't need it. An easy way to wean from this is to feed a little less every couple days, or try to offer a pacifier to see if you can extend the feed out or help him go back to sleep for a bit. It is often harder at first doing this, but you'll get longer sleep in 3-10 days usually.

      2. nabeela @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

        Thank you Rachel! i will work on 3 hour feedings for sure during the day and also using the paci more at night to try and extend the feedings out more at night. He used to take great naps and now is struggling with the afternoon nap mostly at the 45 min mark. He can get through this in the AM without any help. He also naps in the swing but will fuss nonstop in the afternoon and cant get past the 45 min mark no matter what i do. So i know i need to work on that as the 2 afternoon naps become not so good.

        Do you have any suggestions on feeding before bed as well? I want to try not to nurse to sleep but i can only get him to take a full feeding if he has his bath and goes into room dark. He does always wake up when i put him down in the crib then i usually pick him up to finish the feeding then put him down again and have to either shush pat several times or pick up put down and shush pat. SO i start this process at 7 or based on last nap and usually takes an hour or so.

        Do you think i should feed him as much as i can before doing a bath then put him down? if he doesnt eat enough then he will probably wake up sooner than 3-4 hours?

        Thanks again Rachel!!

      3. Rachel @ My Baby Sleep Guide - Says...

        See if longer or less wake time helps with the later naps, especially try a shorter wake time before those last couple naps if he seems overtired before those.

        You can try to do most the feed in a light room then finish up the feed in the dark room, putting him down when he ges drowsy. Try singing or talking during the first part of the feed (where he'll be eating most of the food). You can break up the feed. Some before bd, some after. Once he is a bit older and once he isn't so overtired before bed he shouldn't be so sleepy at the night feed. Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal (feeding to sleep at bed) and I always did it with my kids on and off, but since you're having lots of night sleep issues, you need to consider that this could be adding to them.


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