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Yep, that's right. This ones about me. My name is Rachel Rowell and my husband James and I have been married since 2003 and have two beautiful sons named Joshua (12/07) and Jacob (6/10). They are silly boys who give me many a laughs (and a few cries). I'm lucky to have all three of them.

I have a bachelors of science in nursing and spent the last several years working in an emergency room. That's right, I like blood and guts and gore. Right now I'm working from home until I find something else I love as much as my last job but with a schedule that works better for my family. That means working occasional night shifts only, as I like to be home with the kids during the day. I love being a stay at home mom. Sure, half my brain cells are gone and I have my patience tested more than
I knew possible, but most the time it is the most fulfilling job in the world. Note, as mentioned, I am a nurse by profession and not a writer. Sorry about that but it will have to do, unprofessional grammar etc. and all.
my silly boys

I got into researching sleep when my son Joshua was born and liked to do anything but sleep. Sound familiar to any of you?! He still doesn't like to sleep (can you blame him when he's got cars and other toys to play with?) but once I put him in his bed he sleeps like an angel. I just have to get him there before he tries to run and hide--I'm totally serious about this one :)

As for more about myself, I was born in Australia and later moved to the US with my family. I grew up in a family of 12 and have an identical twin sister. Eight of us were born in eight years so as you can imagine, things were a bit crazy in my home at times (ok, pretty much all the time). I absolutely love having so many brothers and sisters close to me in age. It has been especially fun as we have grown up, become best friends, and have had kids at the same time (I've got over 30 nieces and nephews so far!). I'm pretty sure you won't ever see me with that many kids though, since I think it might land me in a mental institution. But who knows, I might surprise myself!

hiking some falls near our home
I love sports and all kinds of outdoor activity.  I love to read and I love to learn. I also enjoy acting like a child at times which my kids can't get enough of. My husband doesn't find it quite as amusing. I'm getting more into the homemaker routine by the day (hey, I even made some bread the other day!) but you are still free to come over and do my laundry and cook at any given time. I won't stop you, I promise.
DDR, 40 weeks pregnant

I hope you find my blog helpful and feel free to ask a question, answer a reader's question, or leave any helpful experience or advice.

I can be reached at or

Happy Sleeping!

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  1. Nancy at phields@hotmail.comNovember 14, 2009 at 4:10 PM

    Hi Rachel,

    I am new to the blogging world so I can't find your email on this blog. How do I get in touch with you? I LOVE your blog and am inspired by it. I would like to ask you some questions but would not like to post it as a comment on your blog. Would you please send me an email at so I can contact you? I would appreciate it. Again, I LOVE your blog.